Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Road Trip & Father's Day at the K

John and I decided one way to get a home improvement project completed was to give him some uninterrupted time at home. So, the kids and I took a road trip for about 10 days. It was a win-win for all of us. John was able to remodel the master bathroom without three other people in his way. I was able to take the kids to the Quad Cities and Chicago to see family and friends. It was like our own week of Extreme Home Make-Over. I know that the kids and I had more fun. In fact, several times while we were away, the kids would say "Daddy's missing all the fun."  We missed having him with us but I am incredibly thankful for his hard work and for making the master bathroom beautiful. When we returned we all celebrated Father's Day at the Royals game. It was the first game for the kids and was such a great day to share with Daddy and Papa.

There are so many great pictures to share. Here's a peak at some of the highlights from our road trip fun....
Lulu came to KC to help with the kids for a couple of days and
to help with the six hour drive to Moline. First stop, McDonalds. 
Finally to Papa & Lulu's. Is he home?
Snacks and drinks from our favorite cups after a long drive. 
Visiting cousin Lauren at her new house in Chicago (Kildeer to be exact).
We are so glad they are closer now. 
Lauren has really cool new swings and a clubhouse.
Look who came to hang with all the cool kids...Aunt Sarah!
A first visit to a new house wouldn't be complete
without a housewarming gift for Lauren.
Housewarming gift = BOUNCEHOUSE
Truth be told, we had to continue the theme of inflatable gifts.
Their house in Florida had an inflatable shark that floated in the pool.
The Luths thought a bouncehouse in the burbs was fitting this time. 
Dog piling Aunt Sarah
Cookies before bed
Dinner on the lake with Uncle John and Lauren
He knows all the neat places to eat.
Checking out the boats and beach after dinner.
"This tickles my feet." First time on a beach for us.
I think we could get into this beach thing.
I can write my name in the sand. 
Resting after a fun day at Lauren's.
We had a blast with my bestie Mary and her girls Sarah and Courtney.
John lives about 30 minutes from her house in Mt. Prospect.
Our time with them is never long enough. 
I'm pretty sure getting two sets of twins to look at the camera
and smile at the same time is impossible.
Back to Moline making stepping stones for Lulu & Mimi.
The famous driving the boat pic with Papa.
I'm certain John, Sarah and I have the same photo with him.
Boating was always a weekend activity for us growing up.
It's so fun share my childhood with our kids.  
Watching the barge go by
Hanging out in the canal, one of our favorite calm spots on the river.
Definitely in boating mode, having a drink, enjoying the quiet
and doing some painting to stay busy. 
Enjoying the is good.
Yep, we could get used to this relaxing thing.
Yippie!!! New t-shirts from the John Deere store. 
It's always fun to climb on tractors and stand in wheels.
Checking out Papa's project. He worked on engineering planters
when he was at Deere. It's always neat to see his work still being used today.
Practicing our jumping skills.
Happy Birthday Mimi! She loved her stepping stones. 
We love Mimi's hippo.
Enjoying our time with Mimi.
Can you guess who might be ornery?
Dinner at Aunt Jane & Uncle Ron's new house
Breakfast at Deere Run with Papa
A visit to the Niabi Zoo. I think this is the same train that was
there when I was kid. 
That horn toot is loud.
Finally comfortable on her bike. She sure picked
it up and learned fast in the driveway.
I'm in my happy place. 
Oh the memories of riding bikes in the court! So much fun. 
Creating in Lulu's studio. She has so many fun art projects to do.
We're home in time for Father's Day. We missed you daddy.
Tailgating at the stadium is right up our alley.
Happy Father's Day Daddy & Papa!
Our two favorite men
Let's go Royals!
Watching the game, eating snacks is a perfect day.
Lulu assists at the stadium near the outfield experience. 
This is one big baseball.
So this is what the game looks like from the outfield.
Time to say Good-Bye to Papa & Lulu
Thank you for entertaining us, playing with us, and for be co-pilots
on our road trip to and from Kansas City.
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